Adam Eyves
2 min readSep 24, 2021


We can't split society apart over this. I am not anti-vax at all. My concern is the newness of the vaccine technology and the reported side effects that seem to impact certain people.

As anyone can see, the vaccine isn't killing vast hoards of people. I don't think it's dangerous in the short term, but the truth is, we don't know the long-term effects yet.

Take the discovery of the cancer-causing SV-40 virus in the early release of the Polio vaccine. Millions of doses of this vaccine were distributed to unsuspecting people for over nine years before detection. Oops! And this vaccine was developed by the brightest minds in virology, and the FDA also approved it.

Every new release of technology, whether cars, cell phones, and, yes, even vaccines, requires a break-in period full of tweaks and adjustments. That is my only concern with the mRNA vaccine; are all of the bugs in this vaccine worked out? Clearly, no based on CDC statistics.

So, at best, we need to redefine our real-world expectations of what this vaccine can do.

It's not a 90% effectiveness rate. It's around 50%. That's better than 0%, so I am not complaining, just saying. And those vaccinated will require booster shots every six months.

We are learning so much right now. It's too soon to pick sides and split apart our society. We don't have all the information and data yet.

I'm glad the vaccine caused you no harm. That would be horrible. I am in a remote part of the Philippines where COVID isn't a problem. That plays heavily into my decision not to get the vaccine for now. Later I may be forced to in order travel.

Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate what you said!




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