Les Poèmes №0 — Love’s Long Wait

Adam Eyves
2 min readJul 27, 2021

This Poème and exposé spawned the Les Poèmes series exploring shades of love and reflections of life’s irony.

Robert Goldstrom “Widow’s Walk”

Having never experienced genuine healthy love, I longed for the calms of a “safe harbor” to rest my ship from the constant gales of my then-bad marriage.

Storms are a fact at sea. Personal storms in life are as well.

During a tour of the Victorian-era mansions that line the ridge overlooking the sea in Port Townsend, Washington, my attention was drawn to the morose “widow’s walks” crowning the mansions.

Mariner’s wives would search the sea’s horizon for their spouse’s return from these vantages. But, unfortunately, after many months or even years, many husbands never returned home, taken by the monsters of the sea.

The melancholy mood of the widow’s walk inspired Loves Long Wait, which is the foreshadowing of my “Les Poèmes” series of writings that took place over an inspired three months.

I chose to write this poem from the feminine perspective. It seemed I was the one walking the widow’s walk, waiting to embrace a lover I had never known.

This poem is the precursor to “Les Poèmes №1 — She Came To Me in a Dream.”

Le Poème №0 — Love’s Long Wait

“Your love came still,
A breath drifting in on a flooding tide,
A pin plunging silently into the ocean of my yearnings,
Revealing the solemn emptiness of love’s aim.

Your affections are still waters,
Quenching the heat of my aching desires.
Eternity waits, as I, your lover,
Waltz along the widow’s walk,
On the rim of the sea.

How long must I linger for your embrace,
And the rebirth of your coming?
To feel your strength,
And to drink from your cup of enduring love?”

Adam Eyves

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