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I'm so glad you resonded! :-)

For me, my frustration isn't so much with the un-vaxxed as is their lack of willingness to mask up and social distancing as a courtesy to everyone as we work through this covid problem. The Philippine response proves that we don't need 24/7 home quarantines like Australia, which is insanity. That said, the un-vaxxed need to follow the safety protocols and be responsible for their un-vaxxed choice.

I'm mystified by the vaxxed getting so upset. That is a Western culture politically infused rage. With the belief that they are safely immunized, the vaccinated shouldn't have to worry about becoming infected. It won't be your ICU bed taken. It will be another unvaxxed person. But, again, the unvaxxed made their choice. If there aren't enough ICU beds, well, they have no right to complain to the hospital or anyone if they get seriously infected and die. My thinking is, let them live their lives and let nature sort it out. If they live (which the vast majority of them will), they will immunize themselves with natural immunity.

Regarding the smoking analogy, I understand your point, but the logic is backward. Non-smokers are born into clean natural air. Smokers violate that natural state, causing harm.

Following that same logic, the un-vaxxed are not born with an inoculation needle in their arm. Forcing the un-vaxxed to get vaccinated violates their natural state. And that is what is making them mad, especially with so much media hysteria, politicizing, and perceived uncertainty surrounding the vaccine's long-term safety, whether proven or otherwise.

You brought up a good point I hadn't considered. I had never looked at whether Covid infection rates were higher in red states. So I did a little digging. You might be right with statistics before delta. With that in mind, I found this Healthlink article from October 12th you might find interesting. It seems delta leans non-political.

Based on my research, and despite delta hysteria, I can almost promise this flu season will be much better than last year. So many people are now vaccinated, and so many unvaccinated people live and have gained natural immunity. Both those conditions will slow down infection and death rates.

I agree with Moderna Chief Executive, Stéphane Bancel, who says on September 23rd, the vaccine protocols will be "similar to that of the flu."

I'm from California. What I fear the most is the US government using Covid as a power grab. Once you give up your freedoms, historically, there's no getting them back. The patriot's stand for freedom makes us a rebellious and stupid bunch at times.

Thank you for taking the time to respond, and I appreciate you clarifying your thoughts. It helps me understand where you (and others) are coming from. I wish you the best as you navigate your way through this Covid mess.

Best wishes and stay safe.




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