The Big Rethink

What I learned watching the miracle-working man for myself

Photo by Delvin Chung (Flickr free license usage)

The tragic unexpected death of our unborn baby

Photo by Adele Morris on Unsplash

“Tragedy doesn’t discriminate between men or women, race, social class, religion, political ideologies, or human desire. Instead, it wreaks havoc on its victims wherever it wills.” ~ AE

7:35 pm

The Big Rethink

Stripping away the bias that clouds our thinking

Image by photoschmidt on iStock (purchased with license)

Last in my poetic series, ‘Reflections’ is a short exposé and poem on personal tragedy and rebirth.

Train wreck near Pendleton, Oregon, 1907. Northwest Digital Heritage

Medieval Monk Scribing Source: (

“Old Man” Anonymous Artist in the Style of Rembrandt

The Kiss Klimt Inspired

Adam Eyves

Writer, storyteller, sailor, and coffee drinker. I think, I question, I imagine. I am a philosopher at heart, and a connoisseur of all good things.

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